Wellness in the workplace and the importance of setting up your work environment correctly.

Wellness in the workplace and the importance of setting up your work environment to ensure you are fit, healthy, productive and happy.

Wellness in the workplace and the importance of setting up your work environment correctly.

Increasingly, there is an emphasis on the importance of health and wellness. It's even more important for entrepreneurs, who typically spend more than the average eight hours a day in workspaces.

We all know the importance of incorporating healthy initiatives into the workday. While we’d all love to have a five-star fitness facility and on-site massages built into our work environments, most initiatives that promote employee and owner health and well-being can be achieved with little or no money.

As a busy entrepreneur, you don’t usually have time to think about these things so getting a few basic ideas into place will be great for everyone at work and at home.

Get moving. Diversifying posture throughout the day offsets some of the damage of sitting. Swapping desk chairs for buoys that promote movement and core strength, spending a portion of the workday at a height-adjusted standing desk, encouraging everyone to get up and walk around every hour. Possible use of a Fitbit pedometer daily to remind you to move around during the day and suggests offices host a step challenge to promote activity. During a break take your dog for a walk (pets have such a calming effect) this clears your head too as well as adding more steps to your day. If you do not have a dog maybe just a walk around the block or sit in the garden or a park – get into nature for 15 minutes.

Design your office with mental and physical health in mind. When choosing co-working spaces, look for buildings and rooms with lots of natural light and be careful during the design of the space not to build office walls that will block light from the rest of the work area. Incorporating plants into the workplace are also important to improving health. Plants cleanse the air and help freshen the mind, reducing headaches and fatigue.

Find some calming pictures to hang on your wall such as the sea or a forest – back to nature they have such a grounding impact on your mood.

Invest in a diffuser, which is a device that you plug into the power supply fill with water and add a drop of essential oil. Depending how you want to feel will depend on the oils you use. Wild orange is an all-round uplifting and energising oil. Peppermint will help to focus and give you a great energy boost. Aromatherapy in the workplace can give an office a quick, no fuss face-liftEssential oils have qualities that can truly enhance your work environment. From encouraging focus, to purifying the air, to boosting the mood, there’s something for every office personality.

Buy some fresh fruit and put in a bowl and nibble on this rather that snacks that are not that healthy. Get a jug of water add fresh lemon, lime or cucumber and add essential oil too for a lovely taste. Having your own business doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think!

7 July, 2017

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