Being wise about your admin

Starting your own business is a massive endeavour. There is so much to do and not nearly enough time. So many things to think about and so many things that can be forgotten or pushed to the bottom of the never ending to do list. However, if you start building your business in a way that creates a firm foundation then the running of your business in the future will be a whole lot easier. I am basically saying - START AS YOU MEAN TO GO ON!

Being wise about your admin

If you start by setting out early on all your admin processes and procedures you will save yourself time and money in the long run.  However, I often hear people say that they just don’t have time to do the background admin jobs of their business because they are focussing on working with clients and building their brand.  It’s true, there is an awful lot to do when you have your own business.  But, what does it look like when you are working with a client but can’t find their information or details about the work you are doing for them?  What impression does that give?  How much time do you waste?

You could do these jobs yourself, around your client building work, but is admin where your strengths lie?  Would it be more valuable to your business to focus your time and attention on the activities you are best at and which will bring in more work?  Could you hand over the admin to someone else so that it is being done in the background, freeing you up to do what you do best?

A Virtual Assistant can provide remote admin and business support to small businesses.  They can work with you wherever you are and at whatever stage you are at in your business journey.  So how can a Virtual Assistant help?

The bedrock to a smoothly running business is making sure that all those background processes are in place and happening regularly.  A VA can help you set up and maintain a customer database or CRM, regularly inputting customer data, creating reminders & providing management information.  They can set up your digital filing systems to make sure that they are logical and easily navigated so that you don’t have to spend time hunting around for useful documents.  I like to work with clients to understand how they work and how processes can be created to make their life easier and quicker.

A good VA can provide PA support, managing your diary to ensure that everything is kept up to date and you have what you need when you need it, so that you can relax knowing that nothing will get forgotten.  They can manage your email accounts so that you don’t disappear under the weight of your overflowing inbox.  A VA can follow up with clients when you don’t have the time, helping you to manage those important relationships.  They can help with your marketing admin by creating & scheduling social media posts, doing internet research for 3rd party content, as well as managing your email marketing processes. 

In fact, a Virtual Assistant is the extra time that you just don’t have and you will often find that if you just ask they are willing to turn their hand to anything!  Imagine how you will feel to know that those jobs you don’t have time for but are really important are getting done.  Wouldn’t that be a weight off your shoulders!

8 July, 2017

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